egrips SGS complianceegrips® Non-Slip Material has an extremely high coefficient of friction and a very low-profile ... with many satisfied customers :)

egrips® Material is a soft, consumable elastomer that can provide many months of performance when treated with care.  Similar to high performance tires, the more friction that is applied, the faster it wears.  Due to it's softness, it is subject to damage when gouged, scraped or excessively rubbed.  Sliding a device with an egrips® piece applied into tight cases / pockets will accelerate normal wear, and can damage the product.  We guarantee the products to be free of workmanship defects for 30 days from the date of purchase.

egrips® Material should be applied to flat surfaces only, set back from square and rounded edges.  egrips® Material is not stretchy and is not meant to wrap around curved edges.  If you trim egrips® Material, it's critical to round the corners to prevent premature peeling.

Step 1:

Center the egrips® Sticker left to right, using one edge of the phone / device for alignment.

egrips Application Step 1

Step 2:

Begin pressing with your thumbs in 1/2" wipes, alternating to one side and then to the other to push out any bubbles.  If an air bubble becomes trapped or the skin is not being applied straight, peel back as far as required and reapply.  The adhesive is repositionable.  NOTE:  Wetting your thumb / finger makes it MUCH easier to slide across the material, which is VERY helpful when rubbing out air bubbles.

egrips Application Step 2

Proper application is on a clean flat surface, set back from square and round edges:

egrips iPhone Application

egrips iPhone 6 Application Bottom Edge

egrips iPhone 6 Application Sides