Since 2002, egrips® Anti-Slip Material has been used in OEM applications for companies wanting to apply superior grip material to their products.  If interested, please contact an Authorized Reseller via


Flexible Innovations OEM Anti-Slip Grip Material

Silicone Sheet & Film

egrips® non-slip film has also been produced in unique custom silicone continuous sheet rolls starting at 10 Duro Shore A, 0.1mm – 3.0mm thick.  In addition to custom formulations, an in-line bonded sheet comprised of both solid silicone and LSR (similar to co-extruded film) starting at 0.4mm, may also be available.

Bonding silicone to other films (ie Teflon, PET, polyimide, mylar), foils, fabrics (ie fiberglass, Kevlar) and acrylic adhesive backed film with a film release liner may also be available.

With casting films and other roll goods, there is an opportunity to transfer patterns and textures, creating unique surfaces on silicone; similar to egrips® material.

egrips® like non-slip film can be produced in economical minimum production runs of 300 to 1000 square meters, depending upon the materials and constructions required.

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